It is no secret that children are fascinated by the world of adults. They watch their mom and dad driving down the road and only dream of following in their footsteps. This is why toy cars have become an ever growing trend in kids toys. Sized for children, they are designed to be driven autonomously.

Your kids will feel like the kings of the road with these toys. Some are pedal-operated, while others are electric. Regardless of the model, all share one thing in common: they allow children to wander around on their own. Considering the wide range of products available on the Canadian market, we designed this shopping guide to help you choose the best model for your child.

Key Facts

  • Children’s cars are toys that simulate real vehicles. Every child dreams of being like their parents, which is why they love these products.
  • They are not only a source of fun: they also contribute to your child’s cognitive and motor development.
  • The most common types are electric cars (which run on a small motor), pedal cars and push cars.

Ranking: The best toy cars for children in the market

The cars adults drive have nothing on children’s toy cars. Recent innovations have led to electric models, which means that they are equipped with a motor to reach a certain speed. The designs of these toys are incredibly diverse and perfectly emulate real vehicles.

No. 1: Fisher-Price, Power Wheels Dune Racer electric car (4-8 years)

The American toy company Fisher-Price needs no introduction, and this children’s toy car sets the standard for top quality in this list. Tailored for children over the age of 4, it boasts 2 speeds that can be controlled by the parents. Reaching up to 8 km/h, your kids will be speeding through their childhood years! Remember its super important to stay vigilant at all times.

The Power Wheel Dune Racer offers to seats, so your older child can take his or her younger sibling around for a ride as well! According to users, the charge of the battery has a long life and your kids will be able to drive around for hours to come. It is reportedly easy to assemble and customers have been very satisfied with the product overall, despite a steeper price than other models.

No. 2: Step 2, Ford F-150 SVT Raptor push car (18 months and up)

This children-sized Ford truck by Step 2 stands out with its 2-in-1 operation: the removable handle allows parents to push their little ones around, while the removable floor board lets older ones move around on their own while steering with the honking wheel. This means your child won’t be setting this toy aside anytime soon!

The front grille has lighting included (3 AA batteries are required for this), which means everyone will see your kid driving along. Users have been very pleased with the open trunk storage, which allows children to wander around with their other favorites toys right with them. While children reportedly loved their new toy, parents were pleased with the height of the handle.

No. 3: Soozier, go-kart pedal car (3-8 years)

This go-kart model by Soozier is tailored for the racers at heart, and will be used for years to come. Made from durable materials, the pedal car includes an adjustable seat to grow with your child. The metal chain of this 30-kg toy means kids can smoothly pedal away indoor or outdoor. There’s plenty of fun ahead with this bang-for-your-buck toy car.

No. 4: Aosom, electric truck (3-8 years)

Here comes the boom! Aosom brings you the Swiss army knife of children’s toy cars, boasting more accessories than your very own vehicle. With 2 speeds controlled with a remote, an MP3 input, headlights and a horn – among other things – there’s almost nothing this ride can’t do. The seat belt provides the extra security required for such a lifelike car.

The small detachable back trunk will let your child drive around with a snack so he or she doesn’t go hungry before the 45-minute battery dies. Parents have been particularly satisfied with the remote control, giving them more ease of mind while their children enjoyed a newly-found autonomy.

No. 5: Peppa Pig, push car (1-3 years)

Amazon’s Choice is this push scooter-car by the famous cartoon character Peppa Pig, tailored for children from the age of 1 to 3. It comes with the Peppa tune that can be played by pressing a simple button placed on the handlebar. Boasting good reviews from users, some have noticed that it can be small for some children. The two AA batteries required for the sounds are included.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about children’s toy cars

There are several factors you should take into account before buying a toy car. The age of your child or the environment in which it will be used will greatly influence your decision. This section is tailored to help you answer some of the most common questions you may have regarding these products. We hope it will help you make the perfect purchase.


Basic models can cost between 50 and 70 dollars.(Source: Rasstock: 45919910/

What is a children’s toy car exactly?

Children’s cars are toys similar to real cars in terms of esthetics and functioning, in the sense that they can be ridden and driven. This is done possible because their measures are tailored to the weight and height of kids. These toys are usually made of materials that are both suitable for children and resistant. A large number of accessories are also available on the market.

Since they simulate full-size vehicles, they are equipped with a driver’s seat and rear-view mirrors. The steering wheel is naturally an essential accessory. It allows children to feel like they truly rule the roads. Different models may include other extras such as music, lights or horn, among other things.

Why are toy cars beneficial for children?

Few toys can stimulate a child as much as cars. Vehicles are part of their life very early on. As they watch their parents drive, they dream of doing the same someday. Toy cars give them the possibility of being more independent and, above all, to have a whole lot of fun.

These toys can help children become better acquainted with their surroundings. They will slowly acquire skills such as the sense of orientation or coordination, while being a great source of exercise, especially if they operate on pedals. Toy cars also boost children’s self-esteem, as they feel grown up like their parents.


The price will greatly differ from a single-pedal stroller to a two-seat vehicle with lights.(Source: Sbhorse: 109153663/

What types of toy cars are available out there?

Generally speaking, there are three types of toy cars: electric, pedal and push cars. Their technological component makes the former models the most on-demand. The built-in battery and engine allow the vehicle to move by simply stepping on the pedal. The maximum speed is usually around 5 km/h.

Cars with pedals require children to move their legs to get started. These models have neither battery nor engine, and their operation is therefore very simple. Push cars are tailored for younger children and require an adult to be used.


Remember that toy cars are not recommended for children under the age of 12 months.

What age are toy cars recommended for?

Depending on the car and the manufacturer’s indications, each model is designed for a specific age. Push cars are usually aimed at toddlers of around one year-old and are therefore appropriate for those who are learning to walk. This is why they need an adult to push them.

The most advanced models are generally tailored for children aged three and over.

You should also consider the vehicle’s dimensions. Certain toy cars are much larger and therefore ideal for children up to the age of 8. Ultimately, you will need to carefully look into the characteristics and specifications of each individual model.


Certain models have very elegant styles and incorporated lighting.(Source: 54202237/

Can toy cars be dangerous for children?

You should not have any problem s if the toy car complies with all appropriate safety regulations. Parents should be particularly more attentive with electric cars, considering these models can reach a higher speed. Increased precautions will prevent collisions and accidents.

This is the reason why most electric cars now include a remote control. This device minimizes risks of injuries by giving total control of the vehicle to the parents. The child should always have fun while being safe, so you must be mindful that the speed of the vehicle is appropriate.

Purchase Criteria

You have gathered information about these toys and the time to buy has finally come. In the following sections, we expose a list of some of the most important shopping criteria that you should keep in mind to choose the right model for your little one. Make sure to consider them in your decision-making process.

  • Recommended age
  • Type of car
  • Safety
  • Accessories
  • Quality and design
  • Ease of use

Recommended age

It is always essential to review the manufacturer’s instructions for any children’s product. Depending on the specific model, toy cars may be suitable for ages ranging from 12 months to 8 years. The design and dimensions of the car are decisive factors.

While certain models are indeed fit for various ages, they tend to be designed for children within a 2 to 3-year range. We recommend electric cars accompanied by a remote control for younger kids. That way, the adult driving the vehicle via the remote control can better prevent potential risks.

Age Recommended type of car Advantages
1-2 years Push toy cars They help children in learning to walk
2- 3 years  Electric toy cars with remote control or pedals Fun and safety
4-8 years Electric toy cars Greater understanding of the environment and enhanced autonomy

Type of car

Earlier, we discovered the three main types of toy cars available for children. Electric cars are perhaps more suitable for children from the age of three onwards. As this is the age when they become more aware of their environment, children can enjoy more autonomy. Models with remote controls are even better.

Pedal-powered cars provide a great workout for your child’s legs. By pedalling himself, he can learn to control how quickly he wants to go. On the other hand, electric vehicles have an engine that can handle a maximum speed of approximately 5 km/h.

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This is undeniably one of the most vital aspects in toy cars. It is influenced by various factors, such as the materials of the product or the inclusion of certain accessories. We recommend for example models with seat belts. Shock resistance is another quality that a children’s car should have.

It goes without saying that the product must be industry-approved and comply with Canadian standards, as this is the only way to guarantee safety. If you opt for an electric car, we strongly recommend you choose a model that includes a remote control so that an adult can always handle the vehicle’s speed. This will come in very handy in certain situations.


Accessories will influence the realism of the car. The vast majority of models feature a driver’s seat, rear-view mirrors and a steering wheel. The wheels also tend to be very similar to those of a genuine vehicle. We guarantee your child will be particularly happy if his car resembles that of his parents.

The most developed models feature other elements such as seat belts, lighting, horn or sounds. Certain toy cars also present a very useful luggage compartment or storage space for personal belongings. Some even have an MP3 connection so that children can listen to their favorite music. All these accessories can quickly add up in the end.

Quality and design

The quality of the manufacturing materials is important both in terms of design and safety. Ideally, they should be child-friendly: both resistant and durable – plastic is the most commonly used material. It should be robust enough to withstand any possible impact.

Don’t forget to also check the vehicle’s finishing touches. The latest designs include all kinds of luxurious details appealing to children. Opt for a model from a well-known children’s brand or car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen. This will provide you with better guarantees and impeccable finishes. The quality of the wheels is also a factor to consider as this will strongly affect the durability of the toy.


“Children’s toy cars help develop intelligence, improving the ability to synchronize movements between body and mind.”

Ease of use

The latest innovation boasting a spectacular design is not enough: a toy car should first and foremost be easy to use. A vehicle with several directions of travel is useless if you child does not fully understand how to use it. Finding the right balance is key: the challenge must be stimulating but not impossible.

In the end, the most important for this kind of product is that it be entertaining. Be mindful that the toy does not demand too much effort from the child, as this can become frustrating. The simples things in life can sometimes be the most wonderful, and you don’t have to opt for the most technological toy. Your kid and your pocket may just thank you.


There are few toys that will make your children crazier than toy cars on the market. Imitation games become very important for them around the age of 2 or 3, because they love to pretend being adults. Children’s cars truly resemble real ones, and this is why they are so loved. These toys will provide endless freedom and immeasurable fun.

You now know which aspects to take into account when the time comes to choose the right model. The child’s age, his tastes, safety and price are some of these key factors. Children grow up quickly and these toys could only last a couple of years. You should therefore should consider all possible scenarios for your decision.

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