One of the developmental milestones in a baby’s life is the transition from the cradle to a bed. Every child has its own timing, but it usually occurs around 2 years of age. Sleeping in a bed will be an important change for them, and maybe even more so for the parents. Especially because of the fear that the little one might fall while they sleep.

Bed rails are ideal aids during this stage. These are protective accessories that will reduce any risk of your child falling out of bed during the night. With a bed rail, children will get used to their new bed while giving parents peace of mind. Since there are several models and types, we encourage you to consult this guide to find the right one for your family.

Key Facts

  • Bed rails facilitate the transition from the cradle to the bed. Every child has their own timing, but generally this moment comes around toddlerhood (2 years of age.)
  • They can be made of different materials and can be fixed or folding. Before choosing a model, you should consider what the bed and mattress look like.
  • Some of the most popular models have padded edges. In the event of a blow, the child will not be harmed.

Ranking: The best bedrails for kids on the market

If you’re looking for some of the best bed rails for your child, we encourage you to read on. Keep in mind this product will not only improve your kids’ rest, it will also give you peace of mind. Assess what your needs are and then you can choose the best model accordingly. Here are some tips on how to use them correctly.

No. 1: Summer Infant, Single Folding Bedrail

The Summer bedrail is one of the best rated on the market. It measures at 42.5” L x 21”H. It folds down for easy access to the bed and to change linens. Its folding system makes it easy to store as well. This model fits any bed size and box spring platform.

Parents have reported it being “very sturdy and with a good height” that keeps their toddlers safe. According to the manufacturer, this railing is recommended for children between 18 months and 4 years.

No. 2: Regalo Baby, 2020 Swing Down Guardian Bedrail

This best seller by Regalo Baby is reported to be very easy to use thanks to its swing down design. Consumers find it sturdy and durable thanks to its all-steel construction. This product is very easy and quick to set up since no tools are needed. Its measurements are 43” L x 20” H and it includes a removable and washable mesh wall.

To install it, simply place the rail under the mattress. This way, the child will be absolutely protected during sleeping hours. The manufacturer says this product is intended for children 2 to 5 years old. Consumers love this product; they report it to be very portable, versatile, and a great price for the quality.

No. 3: BABY BBZ, Bed Rail – Extra Long Swing Down

This guard rail sits at a higher price tag due to being made with premium materials with extended safety features like the strip design for safer fastening, and the panel won’t allow a gap with the mattress. It has been reported to be extremely easy to install and also easy to fold so parents can sit comfortably on the bed.

This railing is suitable for most beds, perfect for a twin to king size bed, bunk, platform, and it fits mattresses between 1.2-9.8” thick. This model is suitable for children between 18 months and 5 years of age. It is also bigger than most products on the market at 59” long.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about bedrails

The model of bed rail you choose will depend on different variables. Some of them are the size of the bed itself, the manufacturing materials, or the mode of installation. In the market, the options are numerous, so you may need a little guidance. We encourage you to take a look at this shopping guide to gather all the necessary information to make the smartest purchase for your family.


Bed rails give baby and parents peace of mind. (Source: Famveldman: 61386379/

What is a bed rail exactly?

A bed rail is a protective accessory that prevents the child from falling off the side of the bed while sleeping. This item is designed to facilitate the passage from the cradle to the bed for both the child and parent. This means that it is an indispensable safety tool for when a child transitions to sleeping in a bed. This usually occurs when the child is around 2 years of age.

Before choosing a guard rail, it is important to consider the bed in which it will be installed. Also, its placement will depend on how the bed and mattress are set up. These products allow the little one to get used to their new resting place.

As for the parents they can be certain that their children rest totally safe.

Why is it recommended to use a bed rail?

During the transition from crib to bed, it is logical that parents fear for the safety of the child. A bed does not have any protective element that prevents the child from falling or getting out of it. That’s why guardrails offer the security kids (and parents) need during this transition. This way, the parents can sleep peacefully.

Children grow at a dizzying rate. It will become necessary to replace your baby’s cot with the width of a bed. With a guard rail, the child will gradually get used to sleeping in his new bed without fear. With the passage of time, this accessory will no longer be necessary as there will no longer be any risk of falls.

Alejandra MelúsExpert in Early Childhood Development

“You can buy a small barrier that will serve as a stop so that the child does not fall if he turns or moves a lot, but it will not limit his going up and down autonomously.”

What are the advantages and benefits of having a bed rail

Depending on how the bed is situated in the room, the railing will be placed on one or both sides of the bed. It can be installed either at head height or along the entire side. The goal in both cases is the same: to prevent the child from falling at night while sleeping. The more tranquility, the more rest for everyone.

The advantages of handrails are obvious. On the one hand, the child will feel more confident and less afraid of a possible fall at night. On the other hand, his parents will be reassured knowing that the child will not be able to slip or get out of bed during the night. This kind of barrier, then, brings confidence and security to both sides.


Bed rails offer safety and peace of mind to our children and loved ones. (Source: Bialasiewicz: 42783513/

What types of bed rails are there on the market?

Depending on the mode of installation, there are two main types of handrails. There are those that are placed under the mattress and those that are fixed to the bed structure by means of anchors. Railings can also be fixed or mobile. The former cannot move, while the latter is foldable and more practical.

In the field of folding guard rails, we find several types. The folding rails are usually folded down, making access to the bed much easier. Then there are the telescopes, which are picked up as if they were a telescope. Finally, it is worth mentioning removable handrails, which can be easily removed and put on every day.

What should I consider when selecting a bed rail

The manufacturing material is one of the main aspects to be valued when acquiring one of these barriers. They can be made of wood, aluminium, metal, or plastic. The most common ones are those that are made of metal and have a mesh fabric. The textile part is often removable for washing in a washing machine.

Sometimes the structure is covered with a lining of a soft material. This will prevent the child from hurting himself if he hits the rail in his sleep. Make sure the level of security is appropriate as well as the ease of installation.

If you opt for mobile handrails, make sure they are easy to handle.

How do I know what size bed rail I need for my child?

The size of the barrier will be determined by the type of bed and its dimensions. The length of children’s beds is usually between 4-5’. This means that it is possible to select a rail of this length or a shorter length. It is also an option to go for a model that is at the height of the head.

With regards to the height of the railing, it is advisable it be between 15 and 20 inches. The choice you make regarding this particular detail will depend on the child’s sleep habits and the desired level of safety. In any case, it is not advisable to select a barrier that rises above the mattress less than 13”.

Jesús Garrido GarcíaPediatrician

“I recommend starting with the crib or with a bed with lateral protection, as the child may move to the sides looking for that support and may have a harder time sleeping if he does not have it or may fall on the sides looking for it”

Purchase Criteria

In the Canadian market, the diversity of bed rails is very wide. This means that you may be a little confused when it comes to choosing one model or the other. Here’s a set of purchase criteria to help you make the best decision. Some of the most important things to consider are:

  • Fastening System
  • Security
  • Meassurements
  • Manufacturing Materials
  • Comfort

Fastening System

The method of installation to the structure of the bed is one of the most vital aspects to take into account. One of the most common models is one that is placed under the mattress and is supported by the weight of the child. These rails are equipped with bars that are inserted under the mattress. They’re a very useful option.

There are also hand rails for beds that are fixed to the structure, either under pressure or screwed. Although the installation may be a little more complex than in the previous case, these are very good options and the most sturdy choice.
Finally, travel barriers are removable. The best model for you will depend on the bed type.


The level of security is another very important purchasing criteria. Not in vain, this is an aspect that will translate into greater tranquility for parents and the child itself. That’s why we need to make sure it’s securely fastened to the bed. For the most restless children, it is important that the barrier is very robust.

Experts recommend installing the railing at a distance from the headboard of less than 1.5” or more than 10”. It is a safety guideline to avoid unwanted night blows. The barrier should also be equipped with a padded cover to prevent any accidents while the child sleeps. If the little guy hits himself, he won’t get hurt.


Many pediatricians recommend bed rails to avoid accidents.(Source: Famveldman: 43359772/


The size of the railing is an important factor to take into account. Your choice will depend on the characteristics of the bed. If, for example, it is located next to the wall, only one side railing is required. Otherwise, barriers will be required for both sides. These are usually between 40 and 50 inches long.

Some parents prefer to opt for railings made for shorter beds. These should be placed at head height. The level of protection is virtually the same as for those covering the entire side. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimum results.

Manufacturing Materials

The materials used to manufacture the railings say a great deal about their efficiency and durability. There is a great variety of these items on the market. It is possible to find barriers made of wood, plastic, metal, or aluminium. In addition, they normally incorporate a mesh fabric to bring softness and comfort to the ensemble.

It is essential to opt for bed railings with good finishes. An excellent idea is to include a removable casing for proper hygiene. There are models that incorporate a soft lining that will prevent the child from being harmed by any incident or bump against the guardrail. Most often, resistance and security will go hand in hand.

Material Advantages
Wood Resistant and aesthetic
Plastic Economical
Aluminium Robust and versatile
Metal Durable


Easy handling and comfort is another deciding attribute when buying a bed rail. It is essential that in addition to being safe, it should also be practical. Therefore, a good option would be a folding model. These barriers usually have a hinge closure system to fold or unfold them with ease.

The hinges are designed to prevent pinching. Keep in mind it is important to select barriers that are functional on a day-to-day basis. Also, that they allow an easy access and exit for the child. Last but not least, that they offer a total fixation for sleeping hours. Aluminium barriers are usually the most practical.


A bed rail is not an item to be chosen lightly. Investing in one of these accessories is betting on the safety of your child. This is a product that, sooner or later, all parents will have to consider. For this reason, they should be well informed about the different options.

Remember that the time to exchange the cradle for the bed will come sooner or later. It is best to select a barrier that is made of quality materials and offers safety. It’s the only way for the little one to adapt more quickly to his new resting place. The best way to accomplish this is by making sure that the product chosen is functional and reliable.

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