If mosquito bites are annoying for adults, imagine the awful sensations they can give to a baby. That’s why baby mosquito nets are such important items when it comes to protecting little ones from these insects. The best thing about these products is that, depending on the model, they can be used on both a cot and a stroller or a crib and a bed.

There are so many things to keep in mind when a baby comes into our lives, that it’s normal to overlook the importance of mosquito nets. However they’ll be of great help to you if you actually use them, especially during the summer months. If you don’t really know where to start, here’s a guide to buying the best mosquito net to protect your baby, as well as a series of tips and important things to consider.

Key Facts

  • Mosquito nets guarantee the uninterrupted rest and comfort of your baby by keeping it away from mosquitoes and other insects while sleeping or going for a walk in their stroller.
  • There are universal fit models that can be adapted to any structure, be it a cot, stroller, crib, carrycot, bassinet and even bed in later years.
  • Make sure the mesh of the mosquito net allows for smooth air flow and that it provides optimal visibility to monitor the baby at any time.

Ranking: The best mosquito crib netting products on the market

If you’re thinking about buying a baby mosquito net in the near future, we encourage you to take a look at these models. Any of these items will keep the baby safe from pesky insects, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. If you want to make sure mosquitoes don’t keep you and your baby awake, check out these handy items:

No. 1: SYOOY, Pram Mosquito Net – ( 2 pcs.)

This mosquito net by SYOOY is made in a breathable, easy to store design that provides ultimate insect protection to your baby without the use of toxic spray. The ventilation holes are composed of a breathable weave that allows fresh air to circulate, providing comfort both indoors and outdoors. The elastic edge design makes it quick and easy to attach and remove to any carrier.

This 4.9 foot netting is made of a strong, 100% polyester material and fits most standard strollers, carries, car seats and cradles. The elastic behaviour of the netting allows it to attach easily to any carrier. It’s lightweight and soft texture allows for easy storage and makes it the perfect on the go protection for babies. This pack comes with two mosquito nets and one storage bag.

No. 2: Htovila, Universal Mosquito Net

This generously sized mosquito nets is big enough to fit beds of any size, from toddler beds to full king sized beds. It measures out at .6 x 2.5 x 12 m and is made of a breathable and soft polyester material. The tiny holes within the fabric still allow for optimal air circulation and comfortability during sleeping or napping hours.

The Universal Mosquito Net by Htovila is designed with a collapsible twist and pop-open hoop that is quick to setup since it unfolds in seconds. It comes with all the accessories you need for installation and 2 nets, this way you can always have one in use while washing the other. With it’s overlapping door design, these mosquito nets allow you to ensure pesky insects stay out in a safer and more secure way.

No. 3: Jeep, Crib Netting

If you’re looking for a universal and affordable baby mosquito net, this model is the one for you. This white, machine washable mesh is made to fit all baby carriers from strollers to pushchairs, cribs or cots. This net keeps not only mosquitoes away from the baby, but other insects such as bees, ants or spiders.

Jeep has created a crib netting that is very effective at protecting your child outdoors, especially during the summer months. By incorporating an elastic band, it has an easily adjustable design, making it’s set up virtually effortless. It is, without doubt, a very practical accessory that is easily transportable, weighing in at an ultralight 50 grams.

No. 4: 1st Baby Safety, See Through Netting

The 1st Baby Safety mosquito net is an Amazon best seller. It is durable, yet gentle on the delicate skin of babies. The flexible wire frame easily slides through the loops, making it effortless to set up. This company prides itself in providing a flexible, satin product that boasts durability, unlike some competitors that opt for cheaper and rougher mesh materials for their products.

Providing premium quality construction and adorable unisex styling, the canopy’s patented design dates back to 1998, providing over 20 years of dependable safety performance. The CPSC approved see-through tent is BPA-free with a hypoallergenic mesh cover. Furthermore, the pop up tent weights in at 3.65 lbs, has a self lock-zipper and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

No. 5: SportsVoutdoors, Baby Multi-Use Mosquito Net

This portable and multifunctional mosquito net will protect your baby from potentially dangerous and painful mosquito bites. The elastic band within the mesh ensures optimum grip on 98% of strollers and carries. Not only does it protect the infant from mosquitos and other unwanted insects, it provides shade for the baby on hot days.

SportVoutdoors has created a product that is better for you baby and for the environment. With this easily attachable net, there’s no need for sprays that contain DEET and other harmful chemicals that are known to react harshly with the sensitive, new skin of babies. The manufacturer offers a complete lifetime support guarantee if at any point you receive a defective product.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about crib netting

Before buying a mosquito net for your child, it’s important that we analyze and compare all the different qualities of each product. Mosquito nets are extremely useful accessories, but in order to choose the right one, you need to know where and how you will be using it. All these factors will affect the size, style and shape of the net you need. Below we’ve listed all the factors we feel are important to take into consideration before purchasing a mosquito net.

Baby with mosquito net

Thanks to the elastic rubber edges, these mosquito nets fit almost any structure.
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What material is crib netting made out of?

Mosquito nets can be made from a number of different materials. One of the most common is polyester, as it is a good quality fabric with a lot of durability. Another material that is seen quite frequently in these products is cotton. It is another fabric that provides optimum strength while resists tearing.

The mesh should be soft and light to the touch, allowing air to circulate freely. Depending on the model, it usually incorporates an elastic band at the edges, so that it can be attached to various surfaces.


It’s important to make sure that this elastic band does not get deformed or damaged, which will render the net useless.

How is crib netting installed?

There are many models of universal mosquito nets on the market. For this reason you will always be able to find a net that fits almost any carrier and fits around almost any bed. These products are some of the most sought after for their ease of installation and high efficiency results.

Because of the elastic band that almost all mosquito nets come with, their ability to fit around any surface is unparalleled. However, the installation of fixed mosquito nets, such as those that include a canopy attached to the roof over the crib or bed, can be more complicated. In this case, the use of tools may be required so that the mosquito net is well attached and to ensure it covers the entire crib.

Babies with mosquito nets

Enjoy a pleasant walk with your baby without the fear of mosquitoes and other insects intruding on your day out.
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What types of crib netting are there?

There are several types of mosquito nets for cribs and infants, however we’ll focus on the most common ones. There are universal-use styles that have an elastic band around the edges that make them compatible with most cradles, prams, pushchairs and carriers. These are usually the easiest to put on and are perfect for taking them from one place to another.

If you are looking for a fixed, more permanent mosquito net for your cot, a common model is one with a canopy. It usually attaches to the ceiling and falls gently to the outer sides of the crib, completely encasing it. Because of their design, mosquito nets with arches offer aesthetics pleasing products that also provide extreme comfort. The arched architecture allows for full coverage of the crib without ever physically touching or disturbing the crib.

Can crib netting be washing in a washing machine?

Most baby mosquito nets on the market are machine washable, but it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for washing before making any assumptions. Materials like polyester or cotton are almost always suitable for machine washing.

Of course, it will always depend on the manufacturer’s specific guidelines, but generally, most mosquito nets can be machine washed at a temperature of up to 30ºC. Machine washable nets makes their maintenance a much easier task. When they are easy to clean and maintain, the mosquito net will always be in optimum condition for the baby.

Gabriel Ruiz SolerPediatrician

“If you live in a mosquito ridden area, it’s best for younger babies to use a mosquito net that covers the whole crib.”

Purchase Criteria

If you’re considering buying a crib netting for your baby, there are a few things to consider. Each model is designed to satisfy different needs, so knowing the requirements of you and your baby are details that should be thought through ahead of time. Below we’ve given the criteria to consider when buying a mosquito net.

  • Design and size
  • Weight
  • Materials
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Design and size

Both design and size are the main factors that you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you purchase a product that is useful. In terms of design, mosquito nets are usually quite simple. The material is typically made into a mesh, with an elastic band inserted at the edge so that it can stretch, fit and cling onto multiple kinds of surfaces. The most common colours for these products are white and grey.

The design of the mesh prevents mosquitoes from entering the space inside the canopy while simultaneously allowing air to circulate as it normally would, keeping the baby cool and safe from insects. In terms of size, consider where you plan to install it. Measure the crib, bed, or structure to which you want to attach it to in order to make sure the mosquito net can cover it completely – otherwise, it will be pretty much useless.

Screen colour Advantages Disadvantages
White Excellent visibility, not very decorative. Stains are more visible.
Grey More aesthetics pleasing colour. Difficult visibility inside the crib.
Black Disguises stains the best. Not a popular colour and it obstructs visibility the most.


The weight of the net is another major factor that you must take into account. If you’re wanting a crib netting that can be assembled quickly and taken with you wherever you go, it’s of vital importance that the mosquito net is transportable. Ideally, the model should be lightweight and once it’s folded, it should take up hardly any space in whichever place you decide to store it.

Normally, mosquito nets do not weigh more than 200 grams, so this usually isn’t a problem. Nonetheless, make sure it can be folded well so that it fits wherever you want to store it. If the net incorporates a metal piece within its structure, it may be heavier and less compact. This creates sturdier and often better overall quality net, but it ends up having a more stationary use.

Baby sleeping with mosquito net

Items in contact with the baby must always be in optimal condition.


Another important point to consider is the material with which the crib netting is made out of. These products are generally made of fabrics that are durable and don’t easily deteriorate over time. One of the most common manufacturing materials of these products is polyester, which stands out for being robust and suitable for use in child products.

The overall goal is to find the perfect fabric that maintains a balance between lightness and resistance. These criteria will give the netting more flexibility while simultaneously making them resistant to tears and rough handling.


It’s important that the mesh allows optimal visibility in order to allow parents to keep an eye on their baby at all times.


More often than not, you will want crib netting that is easy to install. For busy parents, minimal effort when setting up the net is ideal, especially when it comes to portable designs. Remember that those that incorporate an elastic on the edges will allow for very easy placement, making them popular amongst consumers.

There are other models that incorporate hooks for greater support and stability. Manufacturers have come up with a number of different designs that allow you to hook these nets to various types of baby carriers. Whatever the design, make sure it’s not cumbersome. It is just as important to choose an effective mosquito net as it is to choose a simple crib netting system.

9 month baby

Mosquitos are transmitters of certain blood-borne pathogens.
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We can’t forget about maintenance. Any item that is in contact with a baby should always be clean and safe. Make sure to choose crib netting that is easy to clean and care for so that dirt and possible stains can be easily removed. A machine washable mosquito net isn’t necessary, but makes a big chore a much smaller one.

There are many models of mosquito nets suitable for washing machines. If the screen incorporates a metal or plastic structure, there’s a good chance it is not safe for the washing machine. Be sure to consult the manufacturers guidelines for care instructions.


Perhaps mosquito nets are not the first items that come to mind when preparing a baby shower registry. However, in warm places or for summer outings, they are extremely useful and some might even say indispensable. Having a mosquito net on hand will prevent the baby from being affected by painful bites.

The great advantage of these products is that they not only serve to keep away mosquitoes, but also other annoying insects such as bees, wasps, ants or spiders. By using crib netting, the little one will be able to enjoy his walk outside without fear of his body being riddled with bites that feel like bullets on their sensitive skins. These products ensure your baby can rest in peace and you’ll be able to enjoy your time together without worrying for their well being.

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