Baby swings or rocking chairs are, for many parents, a super useful invention. It’s clearly not an indispensable item, such as a stroller or a crib. However, many parents have been rescued on more than one occasion by this handy item. They are designed so that the child is relaxed and calm. After all, if the child is happy, so are the parents.

Like any other item for infant care, the scope of baby swings on the market is very broad. So much so that choosing one can even be overwhelming. There are very simple swings, yes, but there are also swings with a play center or with soothing vibrations. This shopping guide for baby swings will help you find the most appropriate model for you and your child.

Key Facts

  • An ideal swing is one that is compact and lightweight. Of course, security is non-negotiable. Make sure the belt or retainer will prevent the child from slipping.
  • Swings are devices designed solely and exclusively to be placed on the floor. It may seem like a good idea to put them on a bed or table, but it really isn’t since it could slip with the rocking and fall off the surface.
  • Consider whether you prefer a simple swing or one with vibration capabilities, toy bar and other accessories. The variety of models is truly immense.

Ranking: The best baby swings on the market

If you are seriously considering buying a baby rocker or swing, this shopping guide will totally help you figure out what you’re looking for. Below you will find some of the best baby swings on the market. It’s best if you first define what your needs are and what your baby’s needs are. Then, you can make the best decision for you both.

No. 1: Fisher-Price, Sweet Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

This model of the Fisher-Price brand is one of the most applauded by users. It has a 2-way swing system with side-to side or head-to-toe motions. It also has 2 recline positions, 6 swing speeds and 16 soothing songs and nature sounds. It has an ease ‘press button and turn’ system to move through positions. The machine washable insert is soft and plush and provides head support.

Consumers report this item to be a great swing and life saver. It is sturdy and mobile. Its dimensions are 80×11-8×94 and the maximum weight it will be able to handle is 25 pounds.

No. 2: Ingenuity, Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing

The dimensions of this item make it considerably smaller and more mobile than other brands and models. It is a great space-saving size for small homes and travel. It comes with True Speed technology that maintains multiple speeds – the swinging timer comes with 3 settings. It also comes with a toy bar the little ones will love as their eyes will wander to the cute little jungle animals that adorn the adjustable bar.

Parents have reported to be pleased with their purchase. “The fabric is soft, it doesn’t take up much room and folds flat in half” are some of the consistent praises of this item. It measures 57.2x72x58.4 and weighs in at just 8.8 pounds.

No. 3: Fisher-Price, Snugabunny Smart Swing Technology

This complete infants swing combines swinging and vibrations to cradle, soothe and entertain your baby. It includes 6 swinging speeds and 16 songs and soothing nature sounds that allow you to choose and combine features that your baby likes best. It also allows you to select a seat position (recline upsurge; left-facing; center, or right facing) which determines the swinging motion (side-to-side or head-to-toe swing).

Parents love this product and particularly find it convenient that the seat cover is machine washable, super soft and provides head support. It is also convenient that it comes with both an AC adapter and battery capabilities for on the road.

No. 4: Graco, Slim Spaces Compact Swing

This model is a compact baby swing designed to save space in your home. It has adjustable legs that easily transition from compact to full size. A feature that makes this item stand out, aside from its portable and collapsible nature, is the capability to adjust the height for best interaction with your baby.

Custumers report it’s easy and compact folds for simple storage. The manufacturer recommends this item for infants 5.5-25lbs. The only negative review is that it is solely battery operated.

No. 5: Fisher-Price, Soothing Motions Swing/Bassinet

This swinging bassinet is a number 1 best seller and loved by parents. It allows for a calming sway motion generated by the babies themselves. It comes with dual-mode lighting, allowing you to choose from soothing projection or night light (light projector is removable and it can be used as a night light). It also has capabilities of projecting calming vibrations, music and sounds.

Parents report its of simple assembly and durable materials and the vibration settings are reported to “work wonders” on restless babies. It can also be hung like a swing or hammock, but with more stability.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about baby swings

Selecting the best baby swing means having some knowledge about these products and their use. Although they are not indispensable infant care products, they are considered very useful tools by parents with infants. You may have some questions about them. That’s why we encourage you to consult this shopping guide to make a good decision.


The movement of the swings is ideal to soothe your baby.(Source: Schmidt: 85164067/

What are baby swings exactly?

Baby swings can also be called rocking chairs. These names refer to the same product: a seat, usually padded and inclined that swings. Baby swings may not be as important as a stroller or a crib, but they are very practical.

Baby swings are simple items, but the reality is that they are incredibly useful. They are designed to place babies in them in a different position from that of the cradle or trolley.

As mentioned before, baby swings are slightly inclined and provide a very pleasant motion.

What parts make up a baby swing?

These baby items are made up of several distinct parts. First of all, we must feature the chassis and the support base. These are usually made of resistant materials such as metal. There are also some types of plastic that can do the same function as metal and could be cheaper and lighter.

Secondly, the seat is rigid and padded at the same time. It has a harder core for the baby to support the baby’s back. It is also usually covered with a soft, padded cover for maximum comfort. The seat belt, on the other hand, is responsible for preventing the baby from slipping.


There are swings for babies of different ages and weights.(Source: Vasileva: 62149710/

What are baby swings useful for?

Swings encourage babies to become familiar with their environment. It is clear that their cot is where they are most comfortable, as well as in the stroller. However, when they are awake, it can be very positive for babies to have a greater view of their surroundings, as they are in an inclined position.

Another advantage is that they are items that help develop their balance as well as their motor skills. This happens thanks to the gentle rocking swing it offers. In addition, swings allow optimal control of the child while their parents are doing other tasks. It’s not only useful but they can also be entertaining for the infant.

J. Mateu SanchoDoctor

“Swings should never be placed on high places, soft surfaces, on armchairs or in places where there is vibration, instead, they should always be placed on firm ground. They should never be used in the car. It is advisable to stop using them when the child is already making lateral swinging movements, because of the danger that they may tip over.”

What is the ideal age for infant swings

Most swings are suitable for newborns. This means that they can be used as complements to the crib. This way, the parents will be able to keep an eye on them all the time. Due to the characteristics of the swings, the baby is inclined and not seated, so its head will always be fully supported.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, swings could be used for up to 6 months and even up to 2 years of age. This will greatly depend on the quality and robustness of the manufacturing materials. It is therefore advisable to consult the manufacturer’s specifications.


Remember that swings resist up to a certain weight, be careful not to exceed the suggested weight capacity.

Where should I place a baby swing?

Baby swings should always be placed on the floor. They are therefore not suitable for other smooth surfaces such as a table or sofa. In fact, under no circumstances should these items be placed at an elevated height, as there is a risk of them slipping and tipping, even if the legs are non-slip.

Remember that infant swings are objects that swing and therefore inherently may create a certain amount of movement. This slight sway may be more than enough for them to move slowly across a surface. In order to avoid the risk of falls, they are only suitable to be placed on the ground.


Baby swings are ideal for entertaining your little one.(Source: Famveldman: 30780455/

What qualities should I look for in a baby swing?

The choice of a baby swing will depend on your needs. However, there are certain details that any parent should look for in order to identify the perfect model. In relation to the chassis, it would be desirable that it be made of resistant and quality materials. Also that it consisting of non-slip feet.

The seat should be rigid enough to support the baby’s head, back and neck. At the same time, it would be good to have a lining that is padded and soft. Make sure it’s equipped with a seat belt. One of the most advisable types is the harness so that the baby doesn’t slip underneath.

Purchase Criteria

Keeping these basics and your needs in mind is very important in order to make the best choice. For this, it is essential to consider certain purchase criteria. Here are the most relevant ones that will help you choose the swing you need.

  • Manufacture Materials
  • Infants Age
  • Security System
  • Folding System
  • Additional features

Manufacture Materials

As with any baby item, it is essential to ensure the quality of the swing’s manufacturing materials. The chassis is usually made of robust and resistant materials such as metal or hard plastic. They will be in charge of offering the adequate sturdiness required by a product of this type in order to keep your baby safe.

As for the seat, it is usually fitted with a covering made of fabrics suitable for children. Cotton is one of them, although mesh is also very common. Among other advantages, the latter is breathable. Of course, make sure the seat is ergonomic and padded and is easy to clean.

Infants Age

The world of baby swings is very wide and each one responds to particular needs. These items are usually designed to be used from birth. However, depending on the materials and/or the weight they support, they will be indicated up to a certain age limit. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are, therefore, models that resist up to 25 lb of weight, so they would be suitable for children up to around 6 months. There are also others that are suitable for children up to 9 months old and it is even possible to find options up to 2 years old. As you can see, the alternatives are diverse, so assess what your needs are.

Safety System

Swings are items designed to give the baby a gentle swing. Although this movement is very mild, it’s essential that the child is very well restrained in order to minimize the potential risks. It is therefore vitally important that the model consists of the appropriate security system. That way your little one can enjoy himself safely.

One of the most recommended methods of restraint is the harness or triangle type. You’ll recognize it because it’s designed for the little one to introduce their legs through it. In the middle, it has a separator that is in charge of not letting the infant slip. With this support system, the baby will be able to balance with all their energy and without any risk.

Aral SuárezEarly Care Specialist

“The swing can be transported and the baby can observe the occurrences of everything that goes on around him.”

Folding System

Many parents find it essential that the swing has an effective folding system. Not all households have the same size and the free space we each have is not identical. That’s why many need a model that can be folded to take up as little space as possible. This quality will also facilitate transfers.

Just as important as the folding being simple and comfortable is that the closure of the swing can not be done by accident. For this reason, it is desirable that this system incorporates a security lock. The purpose of this mechanism is to prevent an unexpected closing of the baby swing.

Additional Characteristics

On the market, there are simpler swings and more complex swings with endless extras and additional features. There are models, for example, that incorporate fun activity bars. These are usually equipped with dolls, rattles, teething toys and other toys the child can easily manipulate to entertain himself.

The most innovative models have a vibration system. This means that the balancing can be activated by means of a button. The vibrations are usually very light and relaxing, designed to soothe the child. There are also children’s swings with music, lighting and even a USB connection.

Swing types Characteristics Advantages
Simple They have the basics: harnesses, balancing and reclining They are ergonomic and affordable
With activity center They have a toy bar They amuse and favour the infants’ motor development
With vibration They have a vibration device They relax the baby by means of automatic balancing


With the arrival of a new member to the family, there are many items that you must include in the baby shower registry. Of course we can’t forget the clothes, or cleaning, feeding and entertainment aids. Among these aids, we find baby swings, considered very practical and surprisingly useful accessories.

The swings bring the environment closer to the baby and favour their psychomotor development thanks to the swinging motion. These are items in which infants can entertain themselves, play or even rest and stay relaxed. Since a swing is designed for use for at least six months, make sure it’s exactly what you and your little one needs.

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